When the media makes a star – they make you the sucker

Starsuckers is the most controversial documentary of the year, and was released in British cinemas in November 2009 to critical acclaim. It’s a darkly humorous and shocking exposé of the celebrity obsessed media, that uncovers the real reasons behind our addiction to fame and blows the lid on the corporations and individuals who profit from it. Directed by Chris Atkins, BAFTA nominated for Taking Liberties, Starsuckers exploded into the news in October when it emerged that the team had been selling fake celebrity stories to all the British Tabloids. This became a news sensation in it’s own right but with potential legal implications, and was followed by the darker revelation that Atkins had secretly filmed four journalists for three Sunday tabloids trying to buy medical records. The filmmakers also stung Max Clifford, who the film shows boasting about his clients on undercover camera. When Clifford found out, he hired the infamous law firm Carter Ruck and threatened to injunct the film which would have prevented it’s release. The film ends with a damning critique of Bob Geldof’s Live Aid and the star-studded Live 8 concerts in 2005.

The film was given a slew of 4 Star reviews (from the newspapers that dared to review it) and will be out on DVD in the UK on the 12th April. The DVD includes over 2 hours of extra scenes, including tongue in cheek interviews with Kiera Knightley, Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro, 50 Cent, Al Pacino, Eddie Izzard and many more.

You can preorder your copy on Amazon here. An edited down version will be screened on More 4 on Tuesday 6th April, but this will not include some of the more controversial scenes.


Personal Injury Accidents on Movie Sets

Texas hosts many films and entertainment-based productions. However, small-budget advertisements, or often such shows, if they are silver screen movies with numerous special effects and tricks or exhibits neglect to follow security process.

While manufacturing companies neglect to follow safety recommendations they produce an unsafe work place in film sets, and on-location studio movie shoots which could cause serious injuries. Usually such shows include other hazardous situations, along with the usage of large cameras, open wires. When you have been hurt on-set contact our Texas Accident Lawyers to get a free case analysis.


Movie accidents could be serious, a typical listing of accidents associated with focusing on-established in a film production include:

Broken bones;
Mental damage because of surge;
Failure to warn of chance of injuries suffered;
Nerve damage;
Vision injury;
Ruptured eardrums;
Lack of sight.
Such accidents occur once the manufacturing company does not give a safe work place in television production phases and film sets that are free of dangers or does not alert its employees of such hazards. When you on-set being an additional, stop guys, camera-man or else or have been wounded during recording contact our practices to get a free consultation.


Accidents could be caused in several methods, most typical causes are:

Poor utilization of equipment;
Incorrectly fixed equipment & Car Accidents;
Injury due to free or incorrectly mounted light or camera equipment;
Failure to effectively warn of or hide cables or exposed cables;
Failure to acquire proper permits to interact in production.
When you have been injured while on every other individual linked to the production contact our offices today or set during recording additional, being an actor, special effects stop guys, our movie crash lawyers might help. We may help increase your recovery and have expertise within the area of injury.

Determining problem responsibility and whether such damage was thought is essential in determining whether to create an underlying cause of action. Quite often it may be that the injured party thought the damage this might not necessarily be the case. Furthermore, mainly because the damage was thought doesn’t bar recovery, but can reduce it.

Your company might help you create the best choice. We consider each case on differently and will evaluate all aspects of your state. Because it may alienate the injured party for future work in a few conditions a suit might not be the very best street to restoration and there might be additional paths to recuperate for the loss. Contact our company today what we are able to do to assist you and to be able to examine your choices.

When you have been wounded while on-set throughout a manufacturing, like a passerby or recording contact the Tx personal injury lawyers at Your Amarillo Lawyers Law for a truly free evaluation. We may assist you with your state and are devoted to helping customers recover due to their injuries.


La injury lawyers might help along with your healing for the injuries. Your injury movie lawyers might help along with issues and your recovery. Issues for example whether may a stunt person sue for damages, or an additional may sue for damages, need our company and appropriate knowledge might help. When you have been hurt throughout the recording of the film like a walking our company will be here to assist. Contact them for a truly free analysis at 800-753-5359 of one’s situation today.

Best Car Accident Expert Witnesses

Who is an Expert Witness for a Car Wreck?

Whenever you watch Television or films, you usually see an “expert witness” perform a large part in a dramatic trial. Whole circumstances possibly get acquired or reduction from the expert witness falling important information. Law and Purchase, Several Good Guys, as well as a comedy like Our Cousin Vinny display the part of the expert witness. Expert witnesses offer in depth examination to help lawyers by conditioning, and sometimes even showing, your event. Below is just a tiny bit more to understand about expert witnesses that will aid  your car accident attorney in helping you get the money you deserve.was there an expert witness on the scene of this crash?

Who are Expert Witnesses in Colorado Car Crash Scenarios?

For instance, someone hurt in a vehicle accident may have a medical specialist consider the details and decide when the incident caused the injuries.
Medical professionals are simply one kind of expert witness that will help your event. Listed below are the most typical kinds of expert witnesses:

  • Medical Expert: A healthcare professional named to examine your damage and provide a study. The kind of medical specialist your situation may require depends upon your injury.
  • A mental health specialist may also report about your standard of living.
  • Safety Expert: An engineer or road safety expert could evaluate the street or traffic problems that enjoyed a component in your accident.
  • Accident Reconstruction Expert: an individual experienced in creating a schedule of activities that resulted in the incident.
  • An economist can determine earnings dropped due to your damage and any monetary conditions that you can get.

What sort of Colorado Car Accident Attorney Will Help You If you’ve been involved with a Denver, Colorado car crash?  You’ll need a skilled auto accident lawyer.